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keep Quiet
Recent Entries 
18th-Apr-2013 12:46 pm - Happy Birthday, Superman!

An icon to look up to.
14th-Mar-2013 07:45 pm - "Night and Day/Sun to Sun"
8th-Mar-2013 03:46 am - "2 x 15"
This place is bubbling and cracking,
This home is warped and crumbing.

This place has become sickly and ugly,
And its dwellers are lonely and tired.

These dwellers have been defeated,
Lost in their sense of being lost.

Existing in contradiction and nonsense,
They reason as if they are drunk.

The place where they lay is desolate,
And creativity ceases to come.

There is no inspiration or beauty,
They form images out of place and time.

And time is no longer spanning,
It merely moves in a lopsided round.

But the music they hear is ungodly,
And bodies find no energy to dance.

This place has absorbed another history,
Only it knows the degree of sadness.

Does it hope to witness safety and comfort,
Is it like those who’ve dwelled in it before?

This heavy place is still only a place,
It’s the ground underneath that’s the thing.

This ground underneath’s the true thing,
Impartial to all hopes and woes.

And here it supports a constant comfort,
A foundation of situation and permanence.

A foundation which absorbs unimaginable places,
Despite dwellers who forget where they are.

Despite dwellers who forget where they are,
Trapped in the places they’ve been.
31st-Dec-2012 01:36 am - Out with the old, in with the old

Too many think

that they’ll see

what’s around

after the snow’s

done snowing--

The thought of this

is what keeps them warm.

But there's nothing there,

once it’s stopped snowing--

there's no Truth to see.

the SOS survivor is interrupted

and a mom's voicemail is relayed:

a cheerleader leaped

from the top of her pyramid

just last night

who are these people?

we all begin to walk around the Circle

with no idea where we're going

or when we're supposed to stop

how does this work?

the farther you walk the sorrier you are?

the longer you walk the more you show

how you aren't able to carry on anymore?

this place is ruined now

i used to come here

and i'd figure it out

now i just don't know

and i can't give directions

i'm just so uncertain

and i can only see the upcoming loop

this place is ruined now

i used to come here

and i'd figure out

what to do next

30th-Aug-2012 05:37 pm - "Because there's two of you--"

It is just a little day this time 'round. 

My very first sunflower bloomed today,  so did the morning glories.

The significance-- and poetry-- haven't been lost on me

Happy Birthday, Kell.

7th-Jul-2012 03:07 am - Tenses

At day/night/day I found/find/will find/found my way.


I was/am/will be/was lost.


Tenses confounded/confound/will confound/confounded me.


A shaman said/says/will say/said that Time is/was/will be/is football-shaped, not



We shared/share/will share/shared this view of Time.


At night/day/night I rode/ride/will ride/road a route I knew/know/will know/knew.


My heart came/comes/will come/came back.


How I loved/love/will love/loved you.


Along those roads I road/ride/will ride/road, you found/find/will find/found me.

20th-Jun-2012 02:37 am - Go. Figures.

Who are your ghosts?

Name them.

Count them.

How do they look at you?

And what are you doing?

Look at your own feet.

Are you barefoot?

Do you wear shoes?

In which direction do they point?

Remember your ghosts.

Ignore them, and you will forget where you are.

Appease them, and they will appease you.

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